The Heptagon – or Septagon – is made up of seven sides. The number seven is a most revered number and can represent purity, wisdom, unconditional love and Spirit. It is often considered a 'lucky' number and one that brings a level of intuition. There are seven directions – North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within. This artwork brings together seven heptagons (7 x 7) in a geometric pattern to form one larger heptagon. As the shapes overlap they form four seven-pointed stars – from the centre to the outer circumference – each one representing one of the Cardinal Directions and at the centre a small white heptagon that invites you Within. The flat top of the One Heptagon expands across the space to represent the infinite Above and it points downward to the Below.

This fine art print design is now available as a coffee table guaranteed to bring colour and boutique quality design into your home. Exemplar printing by Graeme Richardson-Locke at Eye4Colour and beautifully handmade by craftsman Will Archer at MidRay.  

Size: table top from point to opposite flat edge 485mm, height 450mm, table top thickness 18mm
Made from birch plywood FSC certified  
Printed using more environmentally friendly UV ink which has a sunlight resistant property
Table-top design sealed with a top coat of polyurethane water-based satin finish 
Black stained finish on legs and table top underside
Flat-packed with easy assembly instructions (attaching two leg components)   

+ postage and packaging
UK £20
Europe £30
Worldwide £40

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