The Heptagon – or Septagon – is made up of seven sides. The number seven is a most revered number and can represent purity, wisdom, unconditional love and Spirit. It is often considered a 'lucky' number and one that brings a level of intuition. There are seven directions – North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within. This artwork brings together seven heptagons (7 x 7) in a geometric pattern to form one larger heptagon. As the shapes overlap they form four seven-pointed stars – from the centre to the outer circumference – each one representing one of the Cardinal Directions and at the centre a small white heptagon that invites you Within. The flat top of the One Heptagon expands across the space to represent the infinite Above and it points downward to the Below      

Printed on Somerset Velvet cotton paper (330gsm) 
Giclee print
Numbered and signed with a blind-embossed monogram stamp for authentication

540 x 540mm  / Limited edition 96

750 x 750mm  / Limited edition 9

900 x 900mm  / Limited edition 3
All prices are for unframed prints
 + postage and packaging
UK £10
Europe £15
Worldwide £20

If you order more than one poster in a single order, you'll only pay the one price as listed for P&P 
unless the order exceeds capacity for one piece of packaging

Please note the design seen here on-screen is the digital version of the final artwork and due to the differences with on-screen digital colour (along with screen contrast, brightness and so on) and printed colour, the colours seen on this page are a representation only of what will be the final printed colours (which are gorgeous!) and should not be considered to be accurate to the final artworks. All frames shown are for visual purposes only – posters will be supplied unframed.
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