Dispelling with the myth of separation; the idea that we're each a separate self, separate from each other, the natural world and the universe; the idea that we're isolated selves; is all merely a myth. We are not separate; and from the centre of our own self we are all connected to the all and everything. 
The hexagon is widely considered to be a sacred shape often associated with the geometry of the natural world and is considered to be a symbol of harmony and balance. It is seen in the construction of the bee's honeycomb hive, and in the make-up of their eyes. The shape can be seen in crystals, snowflakes and in natural rock formations such as the Giants Causeway, in Ireland. It is seen on Saturn's north pole as a cloud formation and, back-down-to-Earth, the Benzene Ring (six carbon atoms joined to form a hexagon) is the basic component of many organic compounds. The number six is also considered to be a sacred number (and being the number of sides to the hexagon).​​​​​​​

This fine art print design is now available as a side table guaranteed to bring colour and boutique quality design into your home. Exemplar printing by Graeme Richardson-Locke at Eye4Colour and beautifully handmade by craftsman Will Archer at MidRay.  

Size: table top (from widest edge to widest edge) 555mm x 550mm, height 450mm, table top thickness 18mm
Made from birch plywood FSC certified  
Printed using more environmentally friendly UV ink which has a sunlight resistant property
Table-top design sealed with a top coat of polyurethane water-based satin finish 
Black stained finish on legs and table top underside
Flat-packed with easy assembly instructions (attaching two leg components)   

+ postage and packaging
UK £20
Europe £30
Worldwide £40

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